Finance Monitor

Open source

Github repository. Feel free to self-host this application, and make modifications to it. This also allows you to vet the source code, and verify that it is secure and private.

The fastest way to view your finances

View account balances, net worth, and transactions. Register here; it takes about a minute.

Privacy focused

No marketing emails. No ads. No analytics trackers. No cookies. We will never share your data with third parties ouside of Plaid.

Account balances and transactions

View account balances and transaction data. Edit transaction data. Identify trends, and spending by category. View recurring transactions. Split and recategorize.

Dashboard example

Secure authentication

We use Plaid to safely and quickly link to your financial accounts. We don't store your financial account login details. Plaid is designed for security: It meets or exceeds industry standards, and connects in seconds. All connections occur using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Low cost

Currently free. Our upcoming $4 monthly subscription with added features is cheaper than alternatives. We will always have a free version to view account balances, net worth, and transactions.

If you sign up during the free period, you will be grandfathered in to the paid version.

Fast and focused. No advertisements.

Performance-oriented design: Our website loads faster than any alternative. This means minimal latency, and it loads quickly even on spotty mobile connections.

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We respect you and your time: No ads, no distractions, no notifications. We don't have engagement metrics: Finance Monitor shows you information in an efficient format, so you can find what you're looking for, and get off the site fast.

Read only

Finance Monitor has no access to make transactions, or alter your accounts: It connects only to read balance and transaction data.

Powerful transaction view

View your transactions easily, with less scrolling than other tools. Easily recategorize and add notes. Quickly search by name, category, institution, and date.

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Do you have any suggestions? Is something not working as you expect? Send us an email. We want to hear from you what's working well, and how we can do better.

We are continuously adding features and improving user experience.

A great Mint alternative

Import and export transactions in Mint's format.

From our users

"Finance Monitor is the easiest to use Mint alternative, and I've tried a lot of them!"

Michael O

"Great way to show you exactly where your money is going."

Christian L

"The perfect replacement for Mint. Once you use it you'll wonder, why can't the other apps get it right?"


"Elegantly designed, and just works, as advertised. Significantly better transaction categorizing than its competitors."


"Everything I'm looking for is right on the Dashboard. This is so easy!"


"I love Finance Monitor's interface and great customer support! They actually listen to my feedback"

Susan K